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The artisan jeweler M. Rocher founds
his jewelry shop and it bloomed with the
collaboration of Jean-Baptiste Noury.


Expositions Universelles (World Fairs)
in Vienna and Paris. Both Exhibits
participate to the solid recognition
of French jewelry and are key to
the prestige of the House - Mauboussin
is offered a medal in 1878 in Paris.


The Grand Prix awarded by the jury
to the House of Mauboussin during
the « Exposition des Arts Décoratifs »
in Paris is a justified recognition of its
achievement and active role in a modern
movement whose artistic unity touched
all the decorative arts. Mauboussin captures
the aesthetic and emotional dimension of
the Art Deco movement with magnificent
pieces created in the 1920's.

Mauboussin Paul Iribe

Paul Iribe
This cover for the 1931 Mauboussin catalogue is the work of Paul Iribe. Fashionable and talented Art Deco artist, he opens new and different ways of work. Posters are then considered artwork and remain the favored modus of expression for Advertising. Iribe loved to design sets for the movies and theater industries. This passion was of great influence in his work. Close to Mauboussin's creations, he was selected to create the Ad campaign that launched Mauboussin in the US. On the cover page for the retail catalogue, Mauboussin jewels magically shine in the most captivating and mesmerizing light.

Mauboussin organized 3 exhibitions
with 3 different themes:
- 1928 emerald
- 1930 ruby
- 1931 diamond

The trio of exhibits confirms Mauboussin's
reputation for innovation and its particular
expertise in the realm of colored stones.
This stands true to this day.


The 1940's and 1950's assert the style
of the House. The war made gold scarce
and jewelers used ingenuity to make beautiful
pieces while masking their penury working in
hollowed or "gas-pipe" style. The 1950's see
the arrival of Naturalist themes, and works that feature a sense of movement and dynamism.
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