The story of a Mauboussin jewel

An adventure that begins with emotions, love and dreams in the mind of the creators.

The concept

Be it an engagement ring or wedding band, a solitaire, a necklace or earrings, the creation of a piece of jewelry inevitably begins with Alain Némarq, CEO and Creative Director of Mauboussin, and Olivier Galtié, Director of Production. The duo complements each other in assuring originality, creativity, quality and feasibility of the future piece of jewel.

A sketch, the contours, stones, a special occasion, and the creative process around the jewelry so begins.

Following the inspiration of the creators, the Mauboussin designer sketches the contours of the future creation. At the final stage, a gouache is painted meticulously with brush and preserved in the archives of the Maison. This work, of great precision, is part of the DNA of a piece of jewelry.

Fabrication artisanale de la bague Tellement Sublime Mon Amour de Mauboussin

The choice of gems

Diamonds, constantly natural, are selected for their aesthetically pleasing quality and their refinement from eminent diamond merchants. Always chosen for their superior quality, the size of gems is cut in Europe by distinguished gemologists who are long-standing partners of Mauboussin.


The production of the jewelry is then entrusted to the French workshops of the Maison where the casting of precise metals and setting of gems take place. The talented craftsmen operate their magic and bring the designers’ dream to life.

Le Premier Jour ring, Chance of Love solitaire, Parce que je l’Aime wedding ring, Je le veux earrings,… these jewels of great quality are thus created; our collection, our works of art are designed to embellish each and every moment of your life.