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At Mauboussin, a wide range of solitaire rings is offered at the Wedding Counter. Broad assortments of diamonds adorn our yellow, white and rose gold ring designs to make sure the desires of each client are met. For special and custom-made orders, the Maison can dress up your jewel with exceptional precious stones of your choosing in terms of quality, colour and size. As examples - the outstanding « Nuits Claires » tiara requested by Princess Marie of Denmark is made with 13,5 carat GVS diamonds and our high jewellery « Tellement Sublime Mon Amour » ring is paved with 300 4 carats FGVVS diamonds.

Under the influence of the Chairman and CEO, Mr. Alain Némarq, Maison Mauboussin designs about six collections a year in its creative studio. The pieces are then developed and produced in the most prestigious jewellery workshops in France and in Europe.

Bought in the biggest trade places around the world, such as Anvers, Tel Aviv, New York and Bombay, the Mauboussin diamonds are natural and certified. The diamonds are carefully sorted and selected according to the jewel manufacture criteria, the Mauboussin Charter and respect the Kimberley Process. This guarantees that the trade of diamonds extracted from mines and the export of these respect a human and legitimate exploitation. The 4 C rule of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is also applied. The size (Cut), the color (Color), the purity (Clarity) and the weight (Carat) are thus inspected.

Adorned with a diamond
The ring promises purity
Alain Némarq

The light and luster from a diamond depends on the care and high precision with which it is cut. The more symmetrical and proportioned the facets, the more they diffuse the unique and specific shine of a diamond. A rough diamond can lose up to half its weight to get its most popular cut - which is the 57-facet round (or brilliant) diamond.


The diamond is white, colourless, but depending on its crystallization it can be slightly tinted. On a classification scale established by the GIA going from exceptional white to very pale yellow, the grading starts at D (exceptional white, colorless) and finishes at Z (light yellow). From M on, the diamonds are more and more tinted. At Mauboussin, the chosen colours range from D to H.

Very rare naturally coloured diamonds exist such as blue, red or pink diamonds and also yellow, grey, orange, green, brown. They are classified according to their intensity of color, nuance, depth. As only one in 10’000 diamond is coloured, these diamonds are auctioned off to the highest bidder.


Each diamond is unique. We evaluate its clarity and purity according to the visibility of its inclusions. Inclusions are natural, they are part of its long formation, of its identity. The inclusions are imperceptible to the naked eye, they are observed with a magnifying glass. The grid developed by the GIA classifies diamonds from FL to I, that is, no defects (Flawless) with inclusions visible to the naked eye (Inclusions). A pure diamond is no inclusion visible with a 10-time magnifying glass, then VVS (very small inclusions) for tiny inclusions, VS (very small inclusions) for very small inclusions hardly visible with a magnifying glass, SI (Small Inclusions) for small inclusions visible with a magnifying glass, I (Inclusion) or P (dive) visible with the naked eye. Mauboussin selects the most beautiful diamonds of SI clarity or higher according to the collections.


The carat is the unit of measure for the weight of the diamond. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams and can be divided into 100 points. The larger the diamond, the greater its carat weight and its price will also be justified. Maison Mauboussin issues its GIA certificate for its diamonds of 0.30 carat or more.

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Ring tu es le sel de ma vie
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Ring Chance of love
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Ring Swan princess
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Mauboussin celebrates the bonds of love through its jewelry creations. From its iconic Chance of Love solitaire to a wide range of diamond wedding bands, discover our wedding collection.