Jewelry: Mauboussin Customer Service

All your senses are aroused when you enter a Mauboussin store in search of inspiration. Your heart starts racing when your eyes are seduced by an appealing creation. The role of our retail advisors is to assist you during this unique experience and throughout the lifetime of your jewelry. Meet our Customer Care and After-sales Service.

Comptoir Mariage Mauboussin

Bridal: engraving of wedding rings

Our “Bridal Corner” offers a wide array of wedding and engagement rings. From selection of design, choice of metal to size of the gem, our retail advisors would be glad to assist and guide you in your choice.

Designed for you, our bridal rings are manufactured in France and available within 10 to 15 days for all wedding rings and within 5 to 6 weeks for solitaires.

This moment must remain etched on your ring; Mauboussin offers you complimentary engraving of your initials or first name and date of your choice (maximum of 22 characters) during a purchase of any of our wedding and engagement rings.

If you wish to have any of your other Mauboussin jewelry engraved, this service is available upon request; please contact us if you are interested.

Polishing and rhodium-plating Services

Some jewelry, worn everyday for years, can get slightly worn out. To restore its original brilliance by minimizing fine scratches and stains, Mauboussin offers a polishing or rhodium-plating service for white gold. Rhodium is a precious metal belonging to the platinum family and rhodium-plating process consist of creating a thin and shiny protective rhodium coating for your jewelry.

This process, when done too often, can weaken the setting of the jewel. Thus, we recommend that you seek advice from our retail advisors, who will be able to provide you professional recommendations on the feasibility to carry out this service, in respect to the design of your ring.

Re-sizing Service

The feasibility of re-sizing a jewel is dependent on the design and its intricacy, and thus cannot be carried out on every piece of ring. It is a delicate process that requires thorough knowledge of the specific jewelry to be adapted (cutting, addition or removal of material, welding, polishing, rhodium-plating if necessary…).

To understand if your ring is eligible for a re-sizing in our After-Sales Service, please consult any of our in-store retail advisors.

After-sales Service

If any of your pieces of jewelry requires an inspection or a repair, we invite you to contact us to have it diagnosed by our experts.

For any of our services you may need, drop us an email to our Customer and After-sales services, we will respond to you as soon as possible, in a timely manner.