Care recommendations for jewelry - An expert’s tips and advice for your jewelry

Radiance of the gems, fineness of the mountings, refinement of paving works and clarity of precious metals, there are so many features to consider when taking due care of your jewelry. To preserve your precious objects over time, follow our experts’ recommendations in this dedicated section to ensure the optimal upkeep of your jewelry pieces.

On a daily basis,we recommend you not to expose your jewelry to materials or substances that could alter the color or appearance, such as perfume, alcohol, cleaning products, chlorinated or saline water. When applying fragrances, cosmetics and face or body cream, wait patiently for it to dry before putting on your jewelry. Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperature, such as sunbathing. To clean your jewelry, brush them gently with a soft bristle brush in soapy water and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

In addition, to preserve the gems and the settings of your jewels from scratches and involuntary impacts, we duly recommend you not to wear your jewelry when performing specific activities (such as various kinds of sports and seaside activities, or gardening).

Your jewelry should be stored individually in a clean jewelry box to preserve them from impacts or scratches.

For intense cleaning, we recommend you to visit a Mauboussin store closest to you for ultrasonic cleaning to remove dirt and debris lodged on your jewels, to regain its luster. However, this service cannot be performed on all jewelry. Our retail advisors at the stores would be glad to assist and guide you towards the ideal way to care for your jewelry.


Opinion of our expert on longevity of vintage jewelry: “Antique jewelry pieces usually resist better impacts and scratches than modern creations through time. Reason being: specific types of adhesives and alloys particularly solid but toxic, for example containing lead, were used at the start of the century in the composition of jewels. They are now banned in Europe for obvious health reasons.”.